SimCopter Helicopter Simulatorios版

  • 游戏类别:IOS手游
  • 游戏大小:381.4 MB
  • 游戏评分:4.3
  • 游戏价格:免费
  • 游戏厂商:Thetis Consulting
  • 更新时间:2019-07-27 02:27




SimCopter Helicopter Simulator最新版本1.0.2已经上线!
#version 1.0.2 * Fixed crash after finishing second flight if connected to leaderboards
Master all the helicopters controls in this amazing SimCopter - Helicopter Simulator! Incredible detailed 3D models from helicopters and airports, you will be able to master all the skills you need to learn how to take off and land those amazing machines! We created many missions for you, so you can fly +360 missions already and a infinite number of missions you can create! With our flight planner tool, you are 100% under control of what to do in this flight simulator. Many cameras will give you full vision on the inside and outside of you copter! And they are pretty cool! Our flight simulator algorithm is very close to reality, so you can really experiment and enjoy how a real pilot fly a helicopter. Choose different weather conditions, and also if you flight will be during day or night! MAIN FEATURES: - 18 helicopters, free and by purchase. - 9 different cities, including New York, San Francisco, Paris. - +360 created missions - Flight Planner tool to create your own missions. - Live scenario, weather conditions and day and night. - Fly through dangerous locations! - Very accurate simulator algorithms! We hope you have a awesome simulator experience! Download it now!


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